Roll Call

This was the plan, unfortunately it never came to fruition.

Monday, January 12 2004

We are still working out details on placing the USS NEW ORLEANS (LPH-11) in Los Angeles Harbor. We are making significant progress, but as with all worthwhile projects, there are delays. Until recently, NAVSEA has been busy getting the USS MIDWAY donated and delivered to San Diego, CA. Well, now that it has arrived, they can concentrate on us.

We are still waiting for the promised letter from NAVSEA replacing her on the Donation List. They had her down as a target to sink, but that has been fixed. We have the verbal acknowledgement, but the letter still needs to be signed and sent to us.

The main purpose of this post was to solicit help from this group. Part of our plan is to have a museum onboard, which will celebrate the use of helicopters in todays military and the "Gator" Navy. Another portion of the museum will be designated to the Ship's place in the Space Program. With this in mind, we need all of you to think about the what and where of these exhibits. Some of the areas for your consideration are:

1. Where can we get helicopters and related items for display?

2. What is there about the Apollo Project that would be of interest?

3. Who would be a good contact (active & retired USN & USMC,or civilian)?

4. What do I have or know about that could be contributed or put on loan as an exhibit?

5. Start looking for photos, announcements, publicity items, etc.

Now is the time to begin networking and making those contacts which will tell the story of this ship and its role in history. Feel free to send e-mail to me at dmccrose@aol.com or call me at (800) 578-8802 Ext. 311

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Don Rose
Foundation for Maritime Excellence
Los Angeles, CA.